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Software Tester Role and Responsibility

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Software Tester Role and Responsibility


In my previous blog I have explained about basics of software testing Introduction to Software Testing

Today I will explain Software Tester Role and Responsibility:

As I have already mentioned in my last blog that primary job of a tester is to find problem (bug) and report those bugs. Depending on organization roles and responsibilities of software tester may vary. It all depends on the company and on the size of team. In general for software testing team we find these two levels Test Manager/Lead and Testers/ Test engineers.

Test Manager/Lead Role and Responsibilities: Test manager should have good knowledge of the product and he should be very clear about client’s requirement. He should be good in project planning, and people coordination. He should have knowledge of various testing types.

The Role and Responsibility for Software Test manager/Lead are as follows:

  1. Analyze the requirement and make sure all team is clear about requirement.
  2. Test strategy
  3. Test effort estimates
  4. Finalize the test team
  5. Prepare Test Plan
  6. Traceability matrix
  7. Test environment set up
  8. Guidance to the test team
  9. Daily/weekly/monthly status meetings with Test Team and with Project manager
  10. Interacting with client side
  11. Prepare test summary report
  12. Sending test deliverable to customers
  13. Process improvement steps
  14. Risk management evaluation

Software test engineer/tester: – Software tester should have good knowledge of software testing. He should be good in writing test cases and in communication skills. He should ensure that testing is done as per defined procedure and standards.

The Role and Responsibilities for Tester/Test engineer are as follows:-

  1. Understand test requirement
  2. Involve and follow Test Plan and Test effort estimates
  3. Prepare test scenarios and test cases
  4. Prioritize testing activities
  5. Setup test environment
  6. Collect test data
  7. Execution of test cases
  8. Documenting traceability matrix
  9. Reporting and tracking of defects
  10. Create Test logs
  11. Report Test results
  12. Prepare and update Regression suite
  13. Execute regression test cases
  14. Interaction with developers and Test manager