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Microsoft Excel – Power Query , Power Pivot , Power View

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Data Analytics Excel - Power Query, Power Pivot , Power View

Microsoft Excel – Power Query , Power Pivot , Power View


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Understanding Power Query , Power Pivot and Power View also helps you in understanding Microsoft Power BI quickly as Microsoft Power BI is said to be made out of these three . 

The strenght of Power Pivot lies in creating the Data Model . As it is popularly said in the Buisiness Intelligence world , if you are not sure regarding Data Model , you should go for Star Schema . All these populare BI Tools like Power BI , Tableau etc. are optimized for Star Schema . 

You can enjoy the understanding of Star Schema if you start using Power Pivot . You get an exceptional understanding of how to create a Star Schema using your Fact Tables and Dimension Tables when you start using Power Pivot . 

Excel has a limitation of loading more than10,00,000 records but there is no limitation with Power Pivot. So when you connect to your data source using Power Query , Query Editor gives you the flexibility of cleansing your data and provides you with some exceptional tool for Data Preparation which is not provided in any other tool. Once you have used the Query Editor and made connection to the different objects in your Data Source , Using Power Pivot you can add them to the Data Model and create relationship between them . Here you can define the Star Schema and this relationship can be used while using the Excel Pivot features and use DAX ( Data Analysis Expression)) – Microsoft Proprietary tool to slice and dice your data to get the valuable knowledge and actionable insights .