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The Qlik Sense Desktop Hub is a place where all the Apps appear as icons. On clicking the icons, the App opens.

Getting Started With Qlik Sense 29

Apps are basically a name given to the collection of sheets. Its like a bucket which contains a number of sheets.  

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  • There is a New App button which helps us to create a new App.
  • The Apps can be deleted by right clicking and selecting the delete option.
  • The navigate button helps to navigate the sheets.
  • We can open more than one App at one time and compare the data visualisation.

What are these sheets?

These sheets are a visualisation of the data. It enables the user to explore their data and make the data more useful. We can edit the sheets very easily by using the Edit button.

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If we click on any Sheet, we will basically see 3 tabs.

  1. Data
  2. Analysis
  3. Story

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The “Data” tab is where the data lives. If you click “Data”, you will see the Data Manager where you can view & create different Association. It shows the tables with the link between the columns.

We will discuss about Data tab in Detail in my next blog.  


Once you create Association between your Different tables and load the data , you can go to Analysis tab. If you have not created a Sheet , initially it will be empty and you would need to click on Ëdit button to start editing your sheet

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Once you click on Ëdit sheet, you will get the below default view and on the left hand side you have the different options to create the visualization.

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You can go on Chart and create new Visualization.

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Story:  Story can be used to present the final analysis to the end user. Here you can add multiple sheets that you created and add text / images and other Story points for continuity of the presentation .

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