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How To Buy a Google Domain

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How To Buy a Google Domain


Search for Google Domain on Google


Search for the Domain name of your choice . If you already have a domain , Click “Manage My Domains”

For example I searched for chandnichowktochina.com , went to “Add to my Cart” and made payment to buy it .

This is available for me in  “My Domains” . Now I need to add a website to it . I will be adding a “Wordpress” website to my Domain that I just purchased.

Click on “Start Trial”


So In Google Domain for Hosting WordPress Site , we have the Blue Host. For the first month Blue Host is free in trial version and after that its 9.99$ per month.

If you want to explore all the Hosting Services from Bluehost , you can visit the Blue Host link directly – https://www.bluehost.com/track/prakhyatpurbey



So we have seen how to register a Domain Through Google Domain , and then we are learning how to create  a WordPress website . For that we purchased a Trial version of Hosting from “Blue Host” which is free for the first month and thereafter it would be minimum 9.9$ per month depending on the plan .

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