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How to Decide Which WordPress Theme should You Use ?

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How to Decide Which WordPress Theme should You Use ?


If you have just bought a Domain name and you want to create a stunning website, one of the best option available in the market is to create a Word press website. This requires no coding and you can make your website up and running in no time. However if you want to make your website, look different and make it stand apart from others, you need to do something better than the Default theme that Is given by WordPress .

The Default themes are still very good and it may suffice all your basic requirement, but if you have something in mind specific and you want to get a website created similar to that, there is no point re-inventing the wheel. You just need to follow the below process and buy a wordpress Theme , Follow the steps and get your website created.

  The First question comes from where to buy the wordpress Theme. The most popular site to buy wordpress theme is

Theme Forest

Once you visit the website , you can search for the Different WordPress Themes and Templates available .

Here too, You have some great way to search, if you know what are you looking for?  So, if you are thinking to create a Blog website, you can search for Blog- Theme Forest Blog



Once the result is presented you can do somethings here that will help here  to make your decision. First on the left hand side we have Category, just select the Type of Blogging Site you wish to create.



So if you want to create a Blog that should be Creative enough and it would cater to Photography , and Portfolio ,select these on the left hand side and at the top right search for the “Best Seller” .


There are many options here like “Best Rated” – (Does not consider the Volume, so even if there are only 20 reviews and all of them gave 5 , this will be given higher preference than the one for which there are 800 feedbacks in which it got 700 , 5 Rating )  , Price low to high , Price High to low , Best Match … My favorite is Best Seller to take decision


Now once you have selected the top few , you can start having a Preview to finalize your decision


For e.g. I click on “Preview” on Brooklyn as I like the Photograph , and I can see the preview and its important features and then take


Similarly I go to the theme “Salient”  , preview its features , spend some time on what all it has to offer , compare the price and then I come to know what theme suits my requirement.


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