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WordPress Theme Installation error – “The Link You Followed has expired” and the easiest way to fix it .

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WordPress Theme Installation error – “The Link You Followed has expired” and the easiest way to fix it .


How To  Fix the error – The Link you Followed has expired

In order to Install your theme on wordpress , Go to your WordPress and follow the below steps to Install it

I.e.  you need to go to Appearance → Add Themes → Chose File and Install now .


If everything is fine this should be super simple and in few minutes the Theme should be installed. You would need to activate the new theme after the installation is successful.


However, there are times after you chose the file and the upload Completes you may get the error – “The Link You Followed has expired”.

The primary root cause for this issue is the Theme Size is larger than the maximum Upload File Size . and so it was unable to load the Theme. You can check the maximum upload size in your wordpress in → Media → New Media ( see screen shot below )


If you research for how to increase the maximum upload file size of your wordpress , there are many solutions given on internet on different pages , but none of them worked for me . What worked for me was I contacted my Hosting Provider and asked them to increase the Maximum Upload File Size limit.

Since I bought my Hosting from TMD Hosting Services and these guys come up to their name that is The Most Dedicated ( TMD ) , so when I raised an issue for them within few minutes they were able to raise the Maximum Upload File Size for me and after that when I uploaded the Theme the error was gone


If you have a webhosting from which you are struggling to get real support you should try TMD now as i strongly recommend it . You can also view the different hosting option available at this link –  TMD Hosting – Different Hosting Options Available

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