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Create Virtual Machine on Amazon Web Services ( AWS )

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Amazon Cloud

Create Virtual Machine on Amazon Web Services ( AWS )


In order to create a Virtual Machine on AWS , you need to have the AWS account set up. If you alread do not have ,please do your Amazon Cloud set up as mentioned in the blog AWS Set Up  . Once you have your account set up and you log in to your AWS account :

1.At the top left hand, we have the Orange Box and “Services” next to it. Click on Services and then click on “EC2” under “Compute” (In orange in below screen shot). We would be using EC2 to launch the Virtual Machine ( VM )

2. This will show below screen. Click on “Launch Instance”

3. Once you launch instance, it will ask for the Operating System that you would like for your VM . Click on “Free tier only” if you wish to select the one which is free available.

4. We would be selecting “Ubuntu Server ” type of machine. Select “Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS”

5. We would be selecting t2.micro as it is free and would also suffice our requirement . Select “Next Configure Instance Details”

6. In the Instance Details you can specify the number of similar type of machine that you need. For example, if you need to have 4 machine with Ubuntu Server OS, you need to specify 4 in Number of instances.  If you need only 1 machine, let it be 1 and click “Next: Add Storage”. Leave All Remaining input options to its default value.

7. You will get the Add Storage page. Next click on “Add Tags”

8. You get the “Add Tags”. You can put key as “Name” and Value as say                                               “AWS-FourUbuntuMachine” and click on “Configure Security Group”

9. In order to access machine from outside network, you can need to configure additional Security Group.

In the below screen click “Add Rule” and add – “HTTP” and “HTTPS” and determine the Source.

Source determines the Traffic that can reach your instance. If you hover your mouse next to source , you can see the information regarding “Source” i.e. we can specify a single IP address or an IP address range etc.

Since we are using this instance for testing we will make the source to be anywhere ( see screen below )

10. Finally we reach the Review page , where we can review the information that we have entered till now and can launch the VM

Click on “Launch”. The moment you click “Launch” , it will ask for the “Create a New Key Pair” and enter key pair name say “awsvirtualmachine”. Download the key pair and save it your local machine, this will be used to accessing these machines.

11. Once keypair downloaded, click on Launch Instances and your instances are now launching.Click on the instance link below ( in blue ) , to view your instance created.

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