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Calculated column in Microsoft Power BI

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Calculated column in Microsoft Power BI


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Today I will explain about adding a calculated column in the report. Of course, by this way we will add a physical new column in our data set.

I am proceeding with our last bar chart only:

Go to FIELDS and right click on the data set name

A drop down will appear with different options:

Select New Column and we can see a new field is present.

We can give any name to new column and put formula for this column. For formula we need to select the column name which we want to apply for formula and once formula is entered click on Enter, it will change column name in FIELDS and apply new column to FIELDS:

Let go to Data view to check new Column:

Click on Data

We can see a new column is added with proper calculation.

Go to Report view.

Click on Page to create a duplicate page for this report:


Drag Sales field to the Value where unit field is present , it will replace the Sales field with Unit and now Report is with Sales values:

Now we can see which item make more business rather than unit for that item. We can tell in which Region which item done the best business. e.g here in East Region Pencil item is the best item for business & in Central Region Eraser done the best business.


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