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Combine filters and charts for more than one page

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Combine filters and charts for more than one page


We have already seen using filter and slicer on one page, today we are going to learn combining filters and slicer for more than one page.

On Page 1 we have  map chart with Profit measure result :

For Page 2 we have scatter chart:

These filters are for that particular visualization

Click outside from visualization

we have Filters list here. We need to use these filters for more than one page.

Go to Page 1

Drag and drop Order date:


Select Filter type drop down:

Select Advanced filter and enter values in filter field, Click on Apply filter button:


Go to Page 2

We can see results are changed, now let we remove filter:

Select Clear filter

Go to Page 1, we can see filter are remove from this page as well

This was about using filter more than one page. Now we will combine two pages on one page and use slicer for both charts


Go to Page 1 and select map chart and ctrl C, open new page 3 ctrl V here and map will be pasted on this page,

Now do same for Page 2. Adjust both charts side by side


Click on blank space on page and Select Slicer

Now select Order date

Drag scroll for Order date and results are modified for both charts:

Add one more slicer for Region:

Go to Format and expand General option now here under orientation we can select Vertical or horizontal option for this slicer:

Select horizontal for Orientation:

Now we can select horizontally for Region field values:


It will show result for both filters.

In this blog we learn about using Filer on multiple page and combine multiple reports on one page.


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