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Connecting PowerBI to Github – Step by Step

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Connecting PowerBI to Github – Step by Step


Connecting PowerBI to Github – Step by Step

Connecting Power BI to GitHub repository – “tensorflow”  

Open your Microsoft Power BI , click on – “Get Data” and then click on “Git Hub” and click “Connect”

There after you need to enter the GitHub – “Owner” and the repository you want to connect. Here the Repository i want to connect is –


Below are the Github Steps :

For the above to work , you need to have a Github account , your username and the repository should be present in your account. If you are already familiar with the Github owner and repository name concepts you can skip these steps.

 So First either sign in to your github account or  create a new account and search for the repository – tensorflow . Click on the “star” button as shown below for tensorflow/ tensorflow

There after you get into the repository and you need to click on “Fork” button to

And there after you will get as below :

 Back  to Microsoft PowerBI Steps :

Once you authorize , you return back to the Power BI GitHub login page but signed in this time. Click Connect to Move ahead .

Once you are connected , you will be able to see the details available for your repository. In order to have a preview you would need to select the check box . For e.g. in order to see the contributions details to repository “tensorflow” , you need to select the check box – “Contributions”

After you select the check box – “Contributions” you can see the

details available of the contributions made , like the user who made the contributions , user id , etc.

And then you can do a quick visualization of the Data you want to view, using the basic Microoft PowerBI skills. To Learn Microsoft PowerBi send an email at info@Instrovate.com or whatsapp / call at +91 74289 52788 Published by Google DriveReport Abuse–Updated automatically every 5 minutes

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