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Dual Axis Chart in Microsoft Power BI – Step By Step

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Dual Axis Chart in Microsoft Power BI – Step By Step


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Today we will go through Dual Axis (one X-Axis and two Y-Axis) chart using a Combo chart (Combo chart is to combine line chart and a column chart). We can use this type of chart when we have more measures with different value range.

Upload data in Power BI:

Data view:

Go to Report and select Order date, Sales and Profit field for Bar chart:

Select Line and clustered column visualization:


Drag Quantity field into Line values field:


We can see two Y Axis:

Now we will check results for ‘Next level hierarchy’

Go to one more next level of hierarchy:

Click one more time to show next level:

Now we can see results with respect to Days on dual axis chart.

Click on

Click on Drill up and go to previous level of chart hierarchy from where we have started drilling down:


Here we can see results for by Years, Quarter, month and days for Order Date with Sales and Profit in Column and for Quantity in line chart.

Drill Up to previous level and Click on Format:

Expand X axis:

Expand Y axis:

We can see two Y-axis, one for column and one for line.

Format few option for Y axis (Column):

In This Show secondary option is On, it allows us to format second y axis. If we set this off, we cannot see format option for second y axis:

Now we don’t have Y-axis(line) option for formatting.

Again, click on show secondary option and make it ‘On’:

Now we can see Y-axis (Line) option for format.

Now let’s make some changes in Y Axis (Line):

Format data colour and title fields:

It was all about dual Y-axis chart in combo chart.


We can change ‘Line and clustered column chart’ into ‘Line and stacked column chart’:

Drill up

It was about Dual Axis charts.

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