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Getting Started – Your First Bar Chart in Microsoft Power BI

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Getting Started – Your First Bar Chart in Microsoft Power BI


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Now we have installed Power BI Desktop on our local system.

Let’s start with Power BI……. How we can use Power BI for our data. First of all, I will explain how we can import data into our Power BI. Go to Power BI desktop shortcut created on system’s desktop and click on it:


It will take few seconds and will open Power BI.

Now click on the Get Data drop down. It will open the list in which form we can import data in Power BI. We have a long list in which form we can import our data in to Power BI.



Click on the More option from drop down options and it will display all option to get data in to Power BI:



I have a Sample file in Excel. Let select Excel and click on the Connect button, browse the file path that you want to import:



Select the file and click on Open button. It will connect to the file and open file in to Power BI:


Here we can see our sample file with headers names Orders, People, Returns.

Now we need to load the file from this sample file. We can select display option and click on Load button.


It will take few seconds (depend on the file size).

Now in Fields Pan we can see our Order header is displayed with its different options.

Let’s we draws our first Bar chart for Product ID and Quantity. Select Product id check box (or we can drag and drop required field) from Fields value for Order. It will display values in Report are:



Now select or drag and drop Quantity field:


We can see values are present in table form and in Visualization table is selected by default from Power BI.

We will select Bar chart from Visualization options, and it will change report in the form of a Bar Chart:

Click on Focus mode from the Report:


Clicking on bar’s we can see values for respective fields:

Here for Product ID is FUR-BO-10000112 and Quantity is 9



We can create any other Visualization for different values. now with this same bar chart we will create one more bar chart for Customer ID and Quantity values.

Click on blank space in Report area, selected fields are unselected and now we can select new fields.

Select Quantity from the fields:

select Customer ID:

Move cursor to the bar and it will display values for respective fields:



This was our “Getting Started” and our First Hands on creating Bar Chart using Power BI .  We will continue using this and thing will become complex and we will come to know , how to Handle Aggregation , Disaggregation , Working at Different Granularity of Data in Power BI , Working on all the Different Types of Chart available by Default and how we can customize it based on our requirement etc.  So Hang On and keep Cherishing all the small learning , and keep visiting the Space for further learning.

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