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Scatter Plot Chart in Microsoft Power BI

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Scatter Plot Chart in Microsoft Power BI


Click on the scatter chart from Visualization:

Drag and drop Sales on X Axis Profit on the Y axis:

We can see sales and profit on chart.

If we want to see which customer having more profitable business and which one is less profitable. Select Customer Name and drag it to the Details field:

Here we can see which customer is having more +ve profit and which one have less

We got this scatter chart to slow this question.


In last blog we have checked Profit Measure at level of Country or state or city.

Here we will check level of granularity on the bases on customer’s name. For Profit Measure we need to take Sum of Profit for this customer, and Sum of Sales for that customer. ( Profit measure = SUM(Orders[Profit]) / Sum(Orders[Sales]))

Now we will check at the granularity level of customer name for profit and sales. As we already have

column Profit Measure in our table.

Drag and drop Profit measure to the color saturation:

Go to Format:

we will change color for minimum and maximum Profit Measure so that on seeing chart we can easily identify customer names for better Profit.

Let’s check +ve Profit Margin and -ve Profit Margin for any customer


We can see customer with positive and negative Profit Margin in percentage.



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