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Computing Total / Sum of a Field in a Data Set using Python


Prerequisites To Follow this Exercise :

  1. Python Installed in your System : If you are a new user to Python and want to know how to install Python via the Anaconda Distribution , You can go through the step by step Blog i have written to install Python via Anaconda Distribution & start using Jupyter Notebook : https://instrovate.com/2019/06/09/python-anaconda-distribution-how-to-download-and-install-it-and-run-the-first-python-program/

Once you have the  Python Installed in your system you are Good to Go ahead and follow the below Use Case and Example.

Below is the data stored in comma separated format csv file:



Write a python program which can give the total sales in the year 2017 and 2018





Try On you Own First Before Referring to the Solution Below 






To solve the above problem we will create a dictionary in which the key would be year and the subsequent value would be a list containing the value of sales for that year.

After that we can simply sum the list in the value part of the dictionary.

Above is the python code Snippet to get the desired outcome: If you want to get the Code as Python Code File Subscribe to our website – https://instrovate.com/ and our YouTube Channel Below – https://youtube.com/c/InstrovateTechnologies


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