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Data Analytics & Data Science using Python

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The highly trained and experienced professionals at Instrovate.com can help you train your End users in Data Analytics , Data Science , Data Visualization , Advance Analytics , Machine Learning & Deep Learning using Python so that you do not waste time waiting for your Technical Team to Explore and Start learning the language from scratch.This also helps them in gearing up faster for the Real World Projects and Challenges

Also our Consultant can help you train and build your Technical Team right from the basic , intermediate to Advance level so that your organization become self sufficient in handling and supporting your day to day requirements and play the expected Role in Advance Analytics.

At present we have the Below course running in Python . This Course covers the fundamentals of python , takes you through the basic installation to an overview of Data Science and the Beautiful and Fascinating world of Machine Learning .  For any further details please contact info@instrovate.com


Python Training : Data Analytics , Data Science And Machine Learning  with Python  

  1. Anaconda Installation & Setup
  2. Jupyter Notebook Overview
  3. Python Basics
  4. NumPy , Pandas , MatPlotLib
  5. Data Visualization : Seaborn, Plotly , Cufflinks 
  6. Machine Learning Introduction – SciKit
  7. Preprocessing Data.
  8. Classification : Naive Bayes, Random Forest ,Logistic Regression, KNN , SVM
  9. Regression : Linear Regression, SVR , Random Forest, Decision Tree
  10. Clustering : K-Means , Hierarchial , Dendrograms
  11. Natural Language Processing ( NLP )

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