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R Introduction & Installation – Step By Step For Windows / Mac / Linux

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R Introduction & Installation – Step By Step For Windows / Mac / Linux


R is an open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. R was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland ,New Zealand. R is named from the first letter of two founders’ name. R is started in 1992 as GNU project.

Installing R

For using R, we need to first install R program on our computer.

Install R on the basis of your operating system requirements

For Windows users:

1. Download the file for R from following link – R program

2.  Right click on downloaded file and select show in folder .

3. Please find the R-3.x.x-win.exe file , where x represents number .

 4. Open the file and it shows this window –


5. Please click on Run button to run the program . There is a window appears as –


6. Click on your preferred language and then click on OK button.


8. Click on Next button to move ahead.


9. It shows the details of GNU license of R. Click on Next button .


10. There is a setup window comes , please set your path , where you need to store the R program setup files. Then click on Next button .


11. It will download setup for both 32 bit and 64 bit operating system.

But , if you are using 32-bit operating system .Then you can clear selection from 64-bit Files option as-


If you are using 64-bit operating system . Then you can clear selection for 32-bit Files option as-


Then click on Next button.

11. Then it asks for Startup options , click on Next button .


12. Then it shows Select start menu folder at the top . Click Next  again.


13. It opens Select Additional Tasks window and click on Next .


14. Then it shows :


15. Then click on Finish .


You can check out R program icon on your desktop or you can click on Start button at the bottom loft of your computer screen  and then choose All Programs and select R folder and click on R( or R X.X.X , where X.X.X is version of R eg. 3.4.1).


By double clicking on R x64 icon , it looks like –


You have successfully installed R and load R program.

For Mac OSX users:

1. Download R from following link – R 

2. Open R-X.X.X.pkg(X.X.X like 3.4.1.pkg) file in Downloads folder by double click.

3. It opens Welcome to the R X.X.X for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher window. Click on Continue .

4. Then it opens Important Information window . Click  on Continue .

5. Then ,it opens software license agreement . Click on Agree.

6. It opens Select a Destination window. Click on Install for all users of this computer and click Continue again.

7.It opens Standard Install on “Macintosh HD” window and click on Install. It will ask your computer Name and Password. Please enter your password for security. Then , click on Install Software button.

8.  It opens The Installation was complete successfully window. Click on Close .

We have installed R successfully.

For open R software –

Go to  Launchpad in desktop icon tray and double click on R icon . It will launch R Console.

For Linux users:

1. Open Terminal

2. Type “sudo su -” in terminal

3. Enter password for user to open root terminal.

4. Type “sudo apt-get update” and press Enter

4. Type “apt -get install r-base ” and press Enter

5. Then it will ask “Do you want to continue?[Y/n]” , type “y” and press Enter 

6. It will take some time to install . Then type “R” to load it.

R is installed and ready to use.