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Tableau Server – Java Script API Call & Handling Interactions From website

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Tableau Server – Java Script API Call & Handling Interactions From website


Tableau Server - Java Script API Call & Handling Interactions From website 29Handling Interactions From Web-page

Interaction 1 Button From Page Interacting with Tableau Dashboard 

  • Tableau Dashboard Below are Handled Through Web Page Actions .
  • The Expected Behavior is when you Click a Button or Change the Drop Down Value of Year
  • It should interact via Java Script API of Tableau with the Visualization on Tableau Public
  • And change the visualization.

Click On Button Below to See How Tableau Public Viz Changes

Interaction 2 Year Drop Down Exercise

Change The Year Drop Down:

Below are the Steps :

  • The Year Drop down below is placed on the web page .
  • We will filter the underlying Tableau visualization based on the year.
  • So if a Year 2012 is selected the Viz gets filtered for only the year 2012
  • So A Button on Web Page interacts with Visualization
  • This provide n number of flexiblity based on how you design your web page
  • and the way you interact with the Dashboard.

    Interaction 3 Display from Dashboard to Website Exercise

    Below we have an empty space . When you select a Field on Tableau Dashboard the details should be shown below :

  • Till now we have been interacting one way i.e. when we clicked button the Tableu viz changed .
  • This example shows you , to click a viz on the Tab and the marks detail will get displayed in the below section.
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Information about selected marks displays here.

Interaction 4 Export To PDF from Tableau to Local Desktop

The Export buttons below placed on the web page when clicked will be opening a Dialogue box that can allow you to export the Vizualization in PDF Format . As we can see ,we are now doing all the
interactions from our web page , all thanks to Tableau Java Script API

So In this page we covered many topics related to Java Script API call and how it can help your web page to interact with Tableau Vizualisation. For Corporate Training you can reach out to me at info@instrovate.com or whatsapp at +91 74289 52788

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