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Tableau Integration With Custom Map Styles from Mapbox

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Tableau Integration With Custom Map Styles from Mapbox


How to Add a Custom Map Style from Mapbox to your Tableau Visualization

MapBox is an open source mapping platform for custom designed maps. Since 2010 MapBox has changed the way the world looks at Maps and brought a whole new Range of Custom Maps providing API’s and SDK’s to integrate these custom styles into mobile and web Applications.

We will quickly create a new Style and add it to our Tableau Desktop to use it with our Data Set. We will use the Sample Superstore Data Set so that we do not waste time understanding the Data Set and then Use our Custom Style imported from Mapbox to show the Sales in Different State . So lets Get Started .

How to create a Custom Style in Mapbox :

Click On “New Style”. Give the Style name as “Akriti Mapbox Style” , select the “SanFancisco” custom Map Style and click on “Create “ . We will use this custom style and we can also make changes to it under “Akriti Mapbox Style” and publish it to be used.

The Style would open as below:

You can add New “Mountain” layer or a new color to your waters or a new color to your road in this map style. However To Keep things simple we will just use the “San Franciso” inbuilt published style currently. So Just make some changes and the “Publish” button will get enabled and Publish this style , by clicking “Publish” button.

You will get a congratulations message , and from here on , you can use this style in your mobile

/ web app / tableau and when you make changes to this style , the style will get reflected everywhere it is being used

Now Go back to Style – main page and click on “Akriti Mapbox Style” – Menu and click on “Share develop & use”

This will open your custom style page and provide the API’s & SDK’s so as to integrate your custom style with your mobile/web app / Tableau

For Integrating this new Style with Tableau – scroll down to “Use Style in GIS apps” and click on “Tableau “ and get the link from there


_token=pk.eyJ1IjoiYWtyaXRpcHVyYmV5IiwiYSI6ImNqZjF3ang1aTA2dTYyem80Nnhpemw1ODcifQ.d6BPNoL6O8Wqv xpFaU4D7w#3.7/43.742121/-88.452552/0

We will use this to integrate Tableau with the New Style in Mapbox . Now comes the Integration part

Here in “URL ” add the Style Link URL that we got from Map Box Custom Style

Close the MapSerivce .

Select State & Sales and Now you can see the Sales on the State using your custom Map Style from “Map Box “

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